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Wind farm control and data analytics

Wind farm control and data analytics
for the holistic optimization of your wind farm

ventodyne helps you boost the productivity of your wind farm with simple, effective, low-cost solutions, based on a smart use of data that you already possess.

Let ventodyne help you make sense of the information hidden in your data, and -together- let’s unleash the potential of your farm!

Demonstration of wake steering with Energiekontor AG


ventodyne has successfully boosted AEP by wind farm control at a commercial wind farm in collaboration with Energiekontor AG.

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windalytics - ventodyne’s data analytics service


With windalytics, we analyze your wind farm to predict by how much its performance could be improved, and on which turbines wind farm control should be implemented.

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dewake - ventodyne’s wind farm control service


With dewake, our wind farm control service based on wake steering, we work with you to improve the energy production of your wind farms.

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Individual consulting

Wind farm consulting

How can we help?

ventodyne offers customized analyses including: underperformance, park extensions, repowering, sector curtailments, effects of neighboring turbines on your park, layout optimization of your next park, problem solving.

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What is the problem with wakes?

While it converts the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity, a wind turbine releases behind it a region of low speed and high turbulence, called a wake. For some wind directions, wakes from upstream turbines can impact on downstream ones. The reduced wind speed of wakes leads to significant energy losses (up to 20% yield reduction for the whole park), while the higher turbulence may reduce the lifetime of the turbines and/or increase their maintenance costs.

Can the negative effects of wakes be reduced?

The layout of your wind park was hopefully designed taking wakes into account. However, even the best design cannot entirely prevent wake losses. Today there is a clever new technology that can help you boost the productivity of your park. This technology is called wake steering: when necessary, upstream turbines are intentionally slightly misaligned from the incoming wind direction. This results in a lateral displacement of the wake, reducing its impact on the downstream turbines. Typically, the more your park is affected by wake losses, the more wake steering can benefit your business.

To give you some numbers: for wind directions with high wake losses, power at a  downstream turbine can be increased by up to 40%. While the actual annual energy production gains of the park depend on site conditions and layout, in typical situations we can expect to improve yield by up to about 2% (or even more, in case of frequent and strong wake effects).

And if your park has not yet been designed, we can you help you too! With wake steering, your park might occupy a smaller surface area, reducing land costs and simplifying permitting.


Wake steering wind farm control: wind turbine (WT) 1 and WT 2 are intentionally misaligned from the incoming wind. As a consequence, their wakes are steered away from WT 2 and WT 3, and the total wind farm power (WT 1 + WT 2 + WT 3) is maximized.

Figure credits: wind tunnel measurements of a joint TUM, DTU, ForWind, POLIMI experiment (doi:10.1088/1742-6596/753/3/032006)

How difficult is it?

Whether you consider wake steering for retrofitting an existing park or to design a new one, the technology can be implemented with minimum impact. No expensive hardware and no changes to the turbine control system are required. Our solution works with most wind turbines, also from different OEMs within the same park. 
And there is an additional benefit! When we apply wake steering to your park, we take an extremely close look at its performance using advanced data analytics tools. As we do this, we can often detect issues (for example, wind vane calibration offsets, or underperforming turbines) that would otherwise typically go unnoticed. Even if in the end you decide not to implement wake steering, the unprecedented depth of our analysis will give you the opportunity to improve the operation of your park.


We cannot change the wind, but we can help you make the best use of it!

About ventodyne

ventodyne is a TU Munich spin-off that was founded in 2022 by Dr.-Ing. Johannes Schreiber and Prof. Dr. Carlo L. Bottasso as an independent company located in Munich, Germany. ventodyne’s mission is to help customers improve the revenue from their wind parks, using state of the art technology from the latest research in wind energy.

Johannes Schreiber leads the company as CEO. Johannes has a profound expertise in the field of wind farm analysis and control (Ph.D. dissertation: Wind sensing for wind farm control, TU Munich) and worked for multiple clients as independent wind energy consultant. 

Carlo Bottasso supports the company with his 30+ years of experience in research and development. Carlo also holds the Chair of Wind Energy at TU Munich, he is Editor-in-chief of the Wind Energy Science Journal, and a former president and vice-president of the European Academy of Wind Energy (EAWE).

Johannes Schreiber

Johannes Schreiber

We at ventodyne have a passion for wind farm control and believe in the enormous hidden potential of the data produced daily by your wind turbines. We have been researching these topics for several years through the participation to national and international research projects, publishing our findings in high-impact articles. We have participated in experimental demonstrations of wake steering in the field, at different sites and with different wind turbines. We are now bringing our technology to market, and we are proud to have already tested a commercial wake steering wind farm controller, which continuously increases the energy yield of our client’s wind farm.


Open positions

We are looking for team members interested in joining the exciting journey of our young and growing company. ventodyne is working together with students, freelancers and full-time employees.


We offer a dynamic working environment, and the opportunity to give your contribution to the energy transition that is revolutionizing our world.


Wind energy is a key technology for a clean, renewable, and secure energy future. Be part of it!



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